Georgios Katsiavos

Georgios Katsiavos

A pile of small wooden pieces beside the cutting machine, were the first toys that Georgios used to play with as a young boy.

Georgios Katsiavos was born and raised in Larissa, a city in central Greece. His father’s carpentry shop constituted a place for play, entertainment, education and years later for employment. He received first-hand knowledge of the secrets and skills of carpentry from the experienced carpenters managing to become himself a very good craftsman.

Being a creative and restless character, as he is, it was impossible for him to be just a traditional furniture creator.

His love and interest for the arts and moreover his need for being different and original led him to his experimentation with other materials and methods.

As a result he gave a new appearance to his furniture, transforming them into art work, not lacking in practicality and durability. Each piece is handmade, unique and suits every type of space giving it special character, purpose and poise/balance.